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A concentrate of benefits

LUZIXINE™: 10 years of research and commitment

All the nutrients in alfalfa (Medicago Sativa) have been concentrated to ensure an exceptional nutritional content. LUZIXINE™ is not just shredded alfalfa leaf. Manufactured using a gentle process, LUZIXINE™ is a protein precipitate that has been dehydrated and cooled at low temperature to ensure that all of the substance’s properties remain intact.

This premium, unique product is manufactured 100% in France.

Today, LUZIXINE™ is the only concentrated source of Medicago Sativa on the market.

LUZIXINE™ – innovation born from local
and ethical sourcing

The alfalfa sector has chosen to offer the best of nature while preserving it at the same time.

Structured in the form of agricultural cooperatives, the alfalfa sector is led by men and women who share the values and strengths of a successful cooperative model.

The research company L-RD originates from the vision of the entire French alfalfa sector.

Our mission is to develop new products and diversify our business in future markets such as nutraceuticals. This is why we are members of Synadiet, the French dietary supplements syndicate.

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LUZIXINE™ is manufactured in France by L-RD through the exclusive participation of our shareholder cooperatives.

We promote local sourcing and ensure the traceability of our production.

We control the entire value chain, from the fields where alfalfa is grown right up to the production of LUZIXINE™.

A clean,
environmentally-friendly process

The eco-responsible manufacturing process used to produce LUZIXINE™ preserves all of the raw material’s naturalness and promotes respect for the environment.

Our product has been developed using an extraction and dehydration process to obtain a powdered, concentrated leaf extract for use in nutraceutical formulations.

We make the most of the entire plant by using its by-products. For us, the phrase “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” takes on its fullest meaning.

LUZIXINE™: the only specialty made from extract of Medicago Sativa

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LUZIXINE™ meets consumer expectations

LUZIXINE™ is not only a concentrate of nutritional benefits; it also offers properties that meet consumer expectations.

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LUZIXINE™, recognised as Novel Food

Following a 10-year research and development programme, LUZIXINE™ is the only concentrated extract of alfalfa protein (Medicago Sativa) on the market. Recognised as Novel Food by the European Commission, this exceptional raw material is ideal for the formulation of nutraceutical products.

LUZIXINE™ may be used in dietary supplements, as defined in Directive 2002/46/EC, with a maximum recommended dose of 10 g/d.

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