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A concentrate of benefits

LUZIXINE™ is the only concentrated source of Medicago Sativa on the market. Recognised as Novel Food by the European Commission, this plant-based and complete nutritional matrix is ideal for the formulation of nutraceutical and natural health products.

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LUZIXINE™ is the fruit of 10 years of research and development.

Luzerne Recherche et Développement (L-RD) has full control of the value chain, and today offers an eco-designed product with guarantee of French origin.

100% plant-based and minimally processed, LUZIXINE™ offers you a clean label and guaranteed responsible sourcing.


LUZIXINE™ has a high nutritional value, with numerous nutritional and health claims.

Thanks to its complete matrix, this concentrated natural substance provides synergy between its constituent nutrients: proteins, omega-3, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

The benefits of LUZIXINE™ have been demonstrated in 3 scientific studies at a daily dose of 10g.

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LUZIXINE™ adds value to your dietary supplement formulations, 
in terms not only of nutrition, but also for your communications and packaging.

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