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A concentrate of benefits

LUZIXINE™: an optimised nutritional matrix with nutritional and health claims

LUZIXINE™ is a concentrated source of nutrients including proteins, omega-3, vitamins A, E, K1, B8, B9, and calcium, iron, manganese, and lutein.

Luzixine composition

Among plant proteins, LUZIXINE™ therefore represents a protein concentrate of choice given its protein content and the quality of its amino acids:

● very high in protein (54% of finished product weight)
● contains all essential amino acids
● protein digestibility between 70 and 85%
● chemical index of 120 and PDCAAS between 0.84 and 1

10 g of LUZIXINE™ allow you to feature nutritional and health claims on your packaging and in your communication materials.

The benefits of LUZIXINE™

Numerous application opportunities in natural health

Nutraceutical formulation possibilities with LUZIXINE™

LUZIXINE™ is far more than just an exceptional raw material.
It is also an asset for optimising nutraceutical formulations. LUZIXINE™ can be used as a sole ingredient or in combination in dietary supplement formulas, capsules, tablets, sticks or stand up pouches.

luzixine formulation

It is the ideal complement for vegetarian formulations or protein preparations in sports nutrition. LUZIXINE™ is the ideal partner for plant-based active ingredients for “100% plant-based” orvegan concepts.

luzixine labels

LUZIXINE™ can be used in food supplements, within the meaning of Directive 2002/46/EC,
with a maximum recommended dose of 10 g/d.

luzixine novec food 10gj
poudre gélules

Turnkey concepts with LUZIXINE™

LR-D offers you innovative LUZIXINE™ nutraceutical concepts for major market targets.
In each of the applications below, LUZIXINE™ is combined with an additional micronutrient for optimised formulas!

LUZIXINE™ concept

femme jeune souri travail

A programme designed for menstruating women.

A 5g stick format rich in iron, combined with magnesium and vitamin B6 that help reduce fatigue.

LUZIXINE™ concept

Healthy aging
couple âgé sourir

A concentrated intake of essential nutrients to preserve your health capital.

A zinc-enriched formula in the form of 1g tablets to be taken two at a time, morning and evening, to achieve the recommended dose of 4g per day.

LUZIXINE™ concept

sportif foret running

Naturally optimised training and recovery for athletes.

A 10g formula enriched with vitamin C in the form of capsules, powder sticks or stand up pouches to sprinkle on food or mix into shakes and snacks.

poudre laboratoire science

Scientific backing supported by studies

Proven benefits

 LUZIXINE™ is a multivitamin and mineral complex with proven beneficial effects.
Scientific studies have been carried out to qualify the efficacy of LUZIXINE™ supplementation

These studies demonstrate the beneficial effects of LUZIXINE™ on:

Successful thriving:
Two studies were carried out on children in order to compare supplementation with concentrated extract of alfalfa leaf and consumption of powdered milk [1],[2]

Correction of iron deficiency anaemia:
A study was conducted on anaemic adolescent girls [3]

Because health is a precious asset for all of us, LUZIXINE™ is also used in the humanitarian context for malnourished populations, among whom it has demonstrated conclusive results. In this respect, LUZIXINE™ legitimately meets the needs of all individuals, particularly those with specific nutritional requirements.

luzixine statistiques

Sources :

  • [1] APEF Peru 1 study report, Eric Bertin (2006) Nutrition trial evaluating the efficacy and tolerance of use of alfalfa leaf extract as a dietary supplement in children suffering from chronic malnutrition.
  • [2] Study Peru 2, Anonymous. Lucerne leaf concentrate, a possible food supplement for the prevention of chronic malnutrition in children.
  • [3] Swati Vyas, Eric Bertin et al., (2009) Leaf concentrate as an alternative to iron and folic acid supplements for anaemic adolescent girls: A randomised controlled trial in India. Public Health Nutrition. 13: 418-423.